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The death of a loved one is an emotionally trying time which is made even more challenging when the death is caused by another person's negligent or intentional conduct. When faced with such a crisis, a family faces enormous emotional and financial challenges.The loss of someone we love in a tragic accident or through an intentional act, like an attack, can make dealing with financial decisions and whether to bring a legal claim the last thing from one's mind.

If you have been injured in a Oklahoma automobile accident, you need the assistance of an experienced car accident attorney, whose knowledge in the field will help you obtain the maximum recovery to which you are entitled. Automobile accident law is complex and can be difficult to navigate. There are numerous factors that can lead to an auto collision, including speeding, intoxication caused by alcohol or drugs, driver fatigue, weather conditions, and driver distraction. In recent years, distracted driving (caused mainly by the use of cell phones to text, chat, or surf the web) has greatly increased the dangers on our roads and highways. These many possible contributing factors to an accident can add to the complexity of automobile injury claims.

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A person who doesn’t plan his or her estate runs the risk of family members fighting over property and over difficult decisions such as end-of-life care. If these issues cannot be easily resolved, the court system may become involved. If a dispute over the estate goes to court, expenses can quickly add up, the process can be painfully slow, and in extreme cases, family relationships can be ruined. Land can be troublesome to divide, with the problem compounded if some family members want to sell, against the wishes of other family members.

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Eric's devotion to personal attention and promoting a tailor-fit global resolution that focuses on not only his client's best interests, but also the best interests of his client's minor children, set him apart from other lawyers. As well, Eric's diverse experience and education help him provide well-rounded legal advice that takes into account all issues and factors that may have an impact on his client.

Arrested for driving under the influence or other type of criminal charge? You probably feel hopeless – especially if you have a prior criminal record. At The Law Office of Eric N Edwards, P.C. we have fought for the rights of the accused for over 20 years. With decades of legal experience behind us, we understand the burden of a criminal arrest, and as an Oklahoma DUI and Criminal  attorney, we are prepared to protect your freedom and future.


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